Full Body Tan


Face Tan Only


Legs Only Tan


The Tan Commandments


1. All waxing must be done 24 hours before Spraytan application.

2. Remove any traces of old tan by using a Tan Removal mitt

3. Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and give a smooth base for your tan.

​4. Make sure your underarms are deodorant free,  no moisturizer or makeup. Clean fresh skin, avoid using any oil based products, as they can leaves traces on the skin that can cause streaking.


5. Dress. Wear dark loose clothing after your application.

6. Rinse. Try and keep bath and showers cool or luke warm as hot water can stimulate the tan to break up faster.

7. Moisturize the tan twice a day to lock in hydration and help your tan to fade naturally.

8. Wash. Pat skin dry with your towel, rigorous drying will scrub off the tan and makes it go patchy.

9. Avoid. Try not to swim, the chlorine can strip the tan off the body and cause patchiness.

10. Book. Avoid disappointment and secure your spot for next time!

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